Monday, December 7, 2009

Day Twenty One. Let it snow!

At long last!!!! I sit looking out a window onto a snow-covered field and snow-covered trees, as yet more snow flurries fall from the grey, yet lit up, sky. Wow, were you worth the wait, Canadian snow!

Its funny how no matter how many times you see it, the first big snowfall always takes your breath away! Staring out at the bright white soft stuff causes more than a glare. It just forces you to smile. Well, it does me anyway (and I probably seemed like a crazy person walking out my exam this morning and staring around the place, eyes wide and face a huge grin). But, really the pure and simple beauty of it hits you every time...just in case you forgot what it was like the year before... And, the need to just run and jump in it; make snow angels and throw it into somebody's face is just way too overpowering to resist.

I was thinking about it the other day and realised how lucky I have been to see snow, each year for the last four years and now the first three days of 2010 will make it five (hee hee!). Having driven up towards the mountains I'd made a snowman and seen the little bit we get in South Africa, but my first real snowstorm was in Thoiry, France. Dribs and drabs of snow for a while, then all of a sudden the night I go out, the first real snow makes her grand entrance. On returning home "Shortey" decides against going up a freshly snow-covered hill and a friend and I are forced to park and walk. I got to learn how to ski that winter of 2006-2007. Then came 2008 and Colorado and wow what a different experience that was. Not the picture of snowmen and children running around, but rather being welcomed by endless snow blizzards plus a lack of jobs. Going door to door (and waiting hours for late buses), is that much more of a challenge with white stuff pelting down on you! But hey, what an experience...and once we were settled, we got to experience the real American rocky mountain ski resort! But now, Canadian snow has begun her introductions with me at Bishops University, Quebec - and wow, I have a feeling she is going to make a lasting impression...

My so-called "snow christening" Zermatt, Switzerland

and it came...Thoiry, France

I love snow pants...

Mont Jura...slide, slip, fall, stand...from the beginning now.



Snow in the middle of the summer?

I'm touching the top of France! Mont Blanc.

Colorado with a bang...frozen hair and the Fray in a BLIZZARD!

View skiing in Vail

View of the Ritz and Beaver Creek


Me, Mitch, Cate, Chrisna...the Ritz Bunny Hill, the place to be.

One two three... (Waiting at busstops 101)

Canadian Introductions!
From my window - last night!

Let it snow. Let it snow. (or make it snow!)

Bishops quad and Christmas tree!

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