Friday, December 4, 2009

Day Eighteen: World Cup Soccer Draws and a normal day for me.

Just a quick post today, as I have an exam tomorrow morning.

As with tradition, I write the first exam and of course its on a Saturday. It will be European Union Politics, so lots of dates, names and facts will be swirling around my head the next 24 hours. It does feel very weird beginning exams as they don't seem to be as big of a deal here as they are at home - or maybe its just my exchange student view on things. I just feel like I am far from how prepared I would be at home the day before the exam...and I am not really stressed about that acknowledgement.

I write again on Monday. This will be French. Then Wednesday is Microeconomics, for which I should do a bit of work! Then Economics of the Environment on the 14th and International Law on the 15th. Then all is over!

Last night myself, Ingrid, Caitlin and Marine went for dinner with Gwyn (who's farm we went to a couple weeks ago) in Sherbrooke. Was a really nice little pub called St.Malo and the food was pretty good too. Nice change from Deweys! Once home again, we ventured out to the Lion for some drinks and pool which was nice. Today its been difficult concentrating and as usual, I can't stop daydreaming, true piscean style! I went for a run (/frolick, Mr Saladfingers) with Marine along the riverside which felt good, but tiring as it had been a while since we had last run. But the feeling of just plain old satisfaction after is great and I really think there is no equivalent gym-wise. So, maybe te silverlining under the light "not filled with snow" clouds is the possibility of more running!

Anways, I better go and try and VASBYT already! Oh, one more thing, adverts for the 2010 world cup keep on flashing passed on the big screen in the dining hall and my friends sigh out again as I force them all to look! Back in Safaland, they have drawn groups and South Africa will play Mexico in the opening game. France is also in our group, which has created a lot of laughter with my frenchies here...Marine has already seen many fbook status's changing in France with their excitement of being put into such an "easy group..." Hmmm well, let's wait and see, Les Bleus. There might be more African magic in the air than the mosquito-like sound of the vuvuzela.

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